Sinergy Medical Reports is an independent provider of expert medical reports.

Our extensive service provision is throughout Australia and internationally.

Our services are used extensively by the Legal Profession, both in plaintiff and defendant matters and by claims professionals within the Insurance Industry.

Sinergy has an extensive panel of specialists which provide conclusive opinions in Medical Negligence, Public Liability, CTP, Worker’s Compensation and other jurisdictions.

In addition to the provision of independent medical opinions Sinergy has extended key services to include psychological, neuropsychological and vocational psychological assessments, as well as OT assessments.

The specialists we choose are passionate about their area of expertise and committed to helping others.

Workshops, presentations and various sponsorships have given Sinergy and our Specialists the opportunity to exchange ideas and expand our knowledge base so that we can provide the most relevant and up-to date services to you.

Sinergy is in regular dialogue with key professional and industry bodies to ensure our policies and procedures are current.

Our specialists are conveniently located across Australia and overseas.