Sinergy Medical Reports is open and running with adjusted operations to meet Australian Health COVID-19 requirements.
Please contact 1300 304 144 or 0417 267 265 to speak to one of our friendly team.

We wish you safety and health through these difficult times.
For further information on our operations through COVID-19, please click here to visit Sinergy COVID-19 Updates page.


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The best specialists ensure you receive an independent professional opinion of the highest standard.

Sinergy engages with only the best specialists to ensure you receive a professional expert opinion.

Our specialists are provided with ongoing training and support from our dedicated staff.

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Becoming an accredited specialist has never been easier. 

✓ Enjoy dedicated support from our team.

✓ Dictation and Report checking services.

✓ Calendar scheduling and management.

✓ Streamlined document management.

✓ Ongoing training and development.

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