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The Sinergy Difference

Navigating the world of medical terminology can often make choosing the correct specialist tedious and difficult.
The Sinergy team is determined to connect you with the right specialist for your matter.

Sinergy engages quality Specialists who are passionate about their area of expertise and are committed to constantly expanding and updating their knowledge in their field.

Who we are

Sinergy Medical Reports has been operating as a leading provider of expert medical opinions for over 20 years.

We are a small team of highly experienced individuals who are ready to assist you with your matter - whether it be sending our Specialist to a location more convenient to your client, providing you with guidance through those tricky matters, arranging urgent reports, and much more.

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Sinergy, We Work Together

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you bill IRO directly?

Yes! Sinergy can conveniently bill IRO on your behalf. Just let our friendly team know when you make your booking and we'll do the the rest.

Are you for the Plaintiff or the Defendant?

Neither! Our services are used extensively by both plaintiff and defendant matters, and by claims professionals within the insurance industry. Our Specialists are dedicated to providing unbiased, independant medical opinions.

Do your Specialists travel?

Our specialists are able to do home visits on request, and regularly travel to rural locations around Australia.
International appointments also available on request.
Join our Mailing list to stay up to date with Specialists travelling in your area or click here for more information.

Can the assessment be done via Telehealth?

Sinergy offers telehealth assessments where possible. There are a few restraints to telehealth assessments, so send us your enquiry at info@sinergy.net.au and one of our friendly staff will get back to you.


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